Mobile Radio Dash Mount

I tried to mount the control head for my Kenwood TM-D710A under the center console of my car (a 2009 VW Jetta), aside from looking down and taking my eyes away from the road to see the display, the viewing angle was so bad I couldn't read the display anyway.

I then tried to mount the radio and Garmin Nuvi on the windshield, up high at the visor, but with my "over-40 eyes" I had to rock my head so far back to see the display through my bi-focals, that it was dangerous to be driving. I decided I had to find a way to mount the control head somewhere on the dashboard close to the height of the instrument cluster. I envisioned a "super-structure" that would sit on top of the dashboard and wrap around the "bump" of the instrument cluster so I could mount things on either side. Here is how I did it. I needed something flexible, something to accommodate the shape of the bump that had mounting hardware at each end.

I decided that I could use some 5/8" Pro-Audio style flexible goose-neck tubing for the skeleton.

But challenges remained; a. how to hold it down on the surface of the dash? b. how to mount the radio on one end? c. how to mount the Garmin Nuvi at the other? d. where to put the Argent Data GTRANS module?

5/8" Black microphone goose-neck, about 19" total. Put the pieces together into one length with nail polish or Lock-tite to keep the sections from coming loose.

Using a 5/8-27 female to 1/4-20 male adapter for the male threaded end of the goose-neck, and a 1/4-20 camera mount for the Kenwood Fan base.

Using a 5/8-27 male to 1/4-20 female adapter for the female threaded end of the goose-neck, and a 1/4-20 to 17mm Nuvi ball for the GPS.

This is the goose-neck with the camera ball mount for the radio attached on the left end, and Garmin Nuvi ball adapter attached on the right. The 1/4-20 bolt out of the ball mount will go through a hole in the bottom of the Fan base for the radio.

This is the Fan base of the Kenwood radio. It will fit the TM-D series and the TS-480 series and maybe others.

Here is the the detail of the control head mounting on the Fan base.

The case of the GTRANS was mounted with a small machine screw through the center slot of the Fan base.

This is the GTRANS case mounted and closed on the Fan base. I shortened the serial cable to the control head to fit.

I found that the mass of the control head and GPS put extra downward bias ahead of the mount fulcrum so I bought some 1/4" SS slugs and encased them in a heat shrink tube, and then inserted that into the goose-neck to add extra mass at the very back of it.

This is the complete assembly with the GTRANS cable routed around the goose-neck and plugged into the FMI port of the Nuvi. Now to mount it in the car.